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Ted Wilson is a Liar
The Skeptics
The Facts


Ted Wilson is a liar. Ted Wilson wants people to think he is "the movie guy." In reality, the movie guy is several highly trained voice specialists that live underground and you can't contact them. Ted Wilson has been fooling the world for too long, and I'm here to expose the truth. The truth about Ted Wilson.


That's Ted.

To those on the inside, this is the real Ted Wilson. Here he is "hard at work" leading his Nazi Troops.

This is seemingly an innocent enough picture...put look closer. Thats right. There is a needle sticking out of Ted's arm filled with, presumably, heroin and possibly baby's blood.


If you see Ted Wilson on the street do not approach him. He is assumed dangerous and totally not awesome. Avoid him at all costs. Report sightings to the nearest Police official.

people think Ted Wilson should be assasinated.

Ted Wilson is probably robbing you right now.