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Ted Wilson is a Liar
The Skeptics
The Skeptics
The Facts

Fans of Ted Wilson

Yes, believe it or not there is actually a small group of skeptics who still cling on to this idea that Ted Wilson is an honorable man. There is even a website devoted to this false hero, probably run by the devil and communists. Don't perpetuate this lie. Help us shut down

Quotes from Skeptics:

"Ted Wilson is not a heroin addict."-a liar

"Ted Wilson probably wasn't Hitler."-an idiot

"Please leave me and my family alone, we've never done anything to deserve this. Take down your awful site or I will be forced to sue you."-Ted Wilson

"Its going to take a lot more than shotty Paintshop work to convince me that Ted Wilson isn't a great guy"-Bill the idiot

Its going to take a lot more than shotty Paintshop work, eh? In that case, I submit the following:


Still not convinced? No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Ted Wilson destroying Tokyo.

I rest my case.

people think Ted Wilson should be assasinated.

Ted Wilson is probably robbing you right now.