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Ted Wilson is a Liar
The Facts
The Skeptics
The Facts

Facts about Ted "The Liar" Wilson

The Facts:

Ted Wilson has been lying about being the movie-voice guy for over a hundred years.

Ted Wilson does not live in upstate New York.

Ted Wilson does not have a wife named Nancy. If you've ever spoken to a woman claiming to be Nancy Wilson, congratulations. You've met Ted Wilson in a dress with a wig.

Ted Wilson probably lives in a cave or a sewer.

Ted Wilson has never once in his life said "Coming this Summer." He is, in fact, allergic to Summer.

Ted Wilson thinks AIDs isn't that bad and that people need to "loosen up."

Ted Wilson breathes fire and he pees scorpions.

James Earl Jones speaks about Ted Wilson


"I had just given a wildly successful and characteristicly sexy speech at my old college, James Earl Jones University, when I got a call on my amazing Verizon Wireless cell phone. It was someone named Ted Wilson who sounded angry and drunk. The conversation went as follows:

Ted: Well well well, if it isn't my worst enemy.
Me: Excuse me? Who is this?
Ted: Don't act like you don't know, Vader. I know you're intimidated by me, don't deny it. Lets get one thing straight, Mufasa: I'm the voice-guy around here. Got it?
Me: I beg your pardon?

And then he hung up. When I got home, my dog had been stabbed to death and there were scorpions in my toilet. He has since called me several times leaving ominous and threatening messages. If anyone knows where I can find this Ted Wilson, please don't hesitate to tell me. Thank you."

people think Ted Wilson should be assasinated.

Ted Wilson is probably robbing you right now.